Orchestral Music


OFAGNAOR is a composition commissioned by Musical ESSEC for their performance at the iconic Casino de Paris on May 20, 2022.

I composed this piece for a symphony orchestra, incorporating electronic percussion and two synth setups, as well as a soprano accompanied by two backing mezzo voices. 

In a film music style, the piece is intended to accompany a scene depicting a mansion fire in the middle of the night, caused by a group of individuals encircling the house. Gradually, the fire spirals out of control and claims one of the characters. The strings, representing the flames, engage in a dialogue with the ethereal voice, rising and fading away with the swirling smoke.

Soundtracks from Le Secret du Condor

I invite you to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of "Le Secret du Condor," an audio fiction series that I had the privilege to co-write and compose the music for. Get ready to join the epic battle between the greatest superhero of all time, the Condor, and the trrible KJJ, also known as La Tornade, as they clash in a relentless struggle against the forces of evil.

In this captivating audio adventure, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. The Condor, a symbol of hope and justice, stands tall as he confronts the relentless onslaught of La Tornade and his malevolent Empire of Evil. The story unfolds with high-stakes action, heart-pounding suspense, and unexpected twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

As the composer for "Le Secret du Condor," my goal was to create a musical landscape that would enhance the storytelling, elevate the emotions, and immerse the audience in the world of the characters. I meticulously worked on each musical piece, ensuring that it would capture the essence of the superhero's heroic journey and the menacing presence of the villainous KJJ la tornade.

Musical Shows

Les Piliers de Londres

"Les Piliers de Londres" is an original musical comedy that showcases my passion for storytelling through music. I composed 16 songs for this show for an ensemble of 12 musicians, including piano, two guitars, bass, drums, flute, clarinet, saxophone, two violins, cello, and harp, and 24 singers.

The musical styles in "Les Piliers de Londres" traverse a wide range, from pop/rock beats to electronic arrangements and even elements of classical music. Each song was carefully crafted to complement the emotions and dynamics of the story, transporting the audience to the vibrant streets of London.

Performing at the prestigious Folies Bergère was a dream come true. The energy and ambiance of the venue added an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling experience. 

Other participations to musicals 

Each year, I am fortunate to be invited to create a brand new song for the annual Musical ESSEC production. It's an exciting opportunity where I am commissioned to capture the essence of a particular scene in the show. With a detailed brief outlining the story, the characters, their personalities, and the specific action unfolding at that moment, my goal is to breathe life into the scene through my compositions, tailored to the theatrical and choreographic elements. It truly is an honor to be a part of this artistic event. 


Le secret du Condor

"Le Secret of the Condor" is a unique podcast creation that blends elements of theater, music, and animated series. I had the privilege of co-writing the synopsis and creating all the music and ambiance for this project. It is now available on various music and podcast platforms.

Within this collection, you will discover all 11 songs I composed for the show in a pop musical theater style. Additionally, below, you will find the complete content of the five thrilling episodes. I dedicated significant effort to the sound design throughout the series, aiming to bring an imaginary world to life with special effects such as a gigantic robot, a multidimensional universe, an army of monsters, and more. So, close your eyes and embark on a journey into our universe!