I'm a French musician graduated from the regional conservatory of Versailles. I perform regularly as a violinist and compose for all types of musical formats combining music with other arts (live performance, theater and musical shows, video, animation...) 

My musical journey began with the violin, which I started studying at the age of 6. I first attended the Maisons-Laffitte Conservatory in Yvelines under the guidance of Stéphane Rembotte. Later, I continued my studies at the Versailles Conservatory in the professional cycle, studying with Saskia Lethiec from 2012 onwards. In 2015, I obtained my DEM (equivalent to a diploma in music studies) and joined the preparatory class, which I completed in 2018, receiving a first prize. As a violinist, I regularly perform with Jean-Pierre Lacour (former member of the Orchestre de Paris), Saskia Lethiec (concert performer and professor at the CRR de Versailles), the Lisieux Symphonic Orchestra and the Versailles Cathedral Orchestra.

As my studies and projects progressed, I found myself exploring additional instruments such as the viola, piano, guitar, bass, and singing. This exploration allowed me to diversify my musical repertoire and deepened my interest in composition.

Parallel to my musical studies, I pursued specialized training in media industries and their underlying economics at ESSEC Business School. This led me to gain five years of professional experience, including two years in audiovisual production at Crop the Block, strategy and M&A for the TF1 group (France's first private broadcaster), and distribution and marketing for Vialma, a streaming platform specialized in classical music and jazz. For the past three years, I have been working at the M6 group (France's second private broadcaster, owning TV, radio and digital assets) as a strategy project leader, working on projects to transform TV and radio models into the digital sphere and exploring diversification opportunities for the Group.

Having experience in both the artistic and business aspects of music is crucial in comprehending my approach to composition. First and foremost, I want my music to be performative, serving a project, context, event, or story. Personally, this is what moves me the most and allows me to express myself in a way that I cannot convey otherwise.

Secondly, composition represents an extraordinary form of universal language for me, capable of touching both the musical and non-musical spheres. It is this dimension of sharing, which I aim to make as inclusive as possible, that lies at the heart of my musical and life projects.

As a composer, my goal is to explore various formats and profiles, delving into the porous boundary between non-professional music enthusiasts and the professional sphere, in search of new models for artistic production.