Jean-Baptiste JOSSA

Violinist - Violist - Composer 

I'm a performer and teacher from France. Currently based in Auckland, New Zealand, I perform regularly as a violinist / violist and compose for all types of musical formats combining music with other arts (dance, theater, musicals, video...)

New works for Taonga Pūoro !

I'm thrilled to present  my new work "Te Reranga a Hihi", for Viola and Taonga Pūoro which has been premiered in Wellington in may, and will be performed at the 49th international Viola congress in Brazil in July 2024 !

Orchestral Music

Musical Theater

Nos années Ensemble

May 11, 12 & 13 2023

Paris, Clavel Theater

Musical show in which I assume the music direction, conducting 5 musicians: Piano, bass, guitar, 2 cellos, while playing the violin part.

Nos années Ensemble is a powerful and poignant story of two artists and their love affair. A universal story enhanced by a deeply moving score played by a live orchestra and two lead singers. 


Cartoon Scoring

Episode 1

Episode 2 

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5